The ADMADE Data Manager
An Improved Information System for Monitoring Data

Part of my research in Zambia was upgrading the database at Nyamaluma, the training and research center for ADMADE. This enabled me to analyze the effectiveness of ADMADE's monitoring program, as well as serve as an intervention strengthening the capacity of Nyamaluma to process and analyze monitoring information.

The following two documents explain in greater detail the scope and capabililities of the new information system. Both guides are available for downloading in PDF format, but require Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later to open. You can also view the Introduction guide online. Note if you want to download the documents in PDF format, but have a very slow/expensive internet connection, let me know and I can email you a text-only version of these guides.

ADMADE Data Manager: An Introduction
HTML format
24 pages, 1 Mb, adm_intr.pdf

ADMADE Data Manager: Users Guide
79 pages, 1.9 Mb, adm_ug.pdf
Windows Help file, 1.3 Mb,

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