Evaluations of Three USAID/Zambia Supported Projects in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

I was part of a team that simultaneously evaluated three of USAID/Zambia's projects to promote food security, raise rural income, and conserve natural resources. I was the principal author on one of the evaluations, and editor for the other two. I also wrote a report synthesizing the common lessons learned from the three projects. Below are the reports that were produced from this evaluation:

Evaluation of Wildlife Conservation Society's Administrative Management Design (ADMADE) project
Clarke, J. E.
http://www.dec.org/pdf_docs/PDABS343.pdf, 91 pgs, 961 Kb

Charting a course to food security for Southern Province: Mid-term evaluation of the CARE Livingstone Food Security Project
Lyons, A.; T. Johnson; G. Mwila; A. Muyaba
http://www.dec.org/pdf_docs/PDABS350.pdf, 172 pgs, 3,116 Kb

Cooperative League of the USA (CLUSA): Rural Group Business Program mid-term evaluation
Neubert, D.; D. Sarda
http://www.dec.org/pdf_docs/PDABS344.pdf, 86 pgs, 486 Kb

Common Ground: Lessons learned from USAID/Zambia investments in agriculture and natural resource management
Lyons, A.
http://www.dec.org/pdf_docs/PNACJ034.pdf, 73 pgs, 1,531 Kb

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