To the Arctic Ice

        Abandoning Horny temporarily in Fairbanks, we flew to the continent's northernmost settlement, the Inupiag Eskimo community of Barrow.  After a frigid day of  chasing Arctic life-list birds in a rented truck, we enjoyed the comforts (and Mexican restaurant!) of the Top of the World Hotel.
Chukchi Sea ice pack Birding truck  Goodbye Barrow 


        The next morning we took a small plane east across the frozen tundra of the Arctic coast to Deadhorse, hub of the Prudhoe Bay oilfield.  Here we joined a ten-passenger tour van for local sightseeing (Spectacled Eider at last!) and Polar Bear initiations for the hardy (not us) in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean.
Cozy Cape Smythe Air North Slope tundra
Grizzlies roam Deadhorse Polar Bear Marg Granger


        After a night in the comfortable hotel for oilfield workers, our tour group followed the Alaska Pipeline south on the unpaved Dalton Highway (Haul Road).  Traversing the coastal tundra and climbing over the Brooks Range, we overnighted at primitive truck stop Coldfoot, ceremonially passed the Arctic Circle, and crossed the mighty Yukon to rejoin Horny at Fairbanks.
Super tour 
leader Samantha Wilson 
Caribou  Lunch stop 
Into the 
Brooks Range 
luxury at Coldfoot 
crosses the Arctic Circle 



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