Los Mochis and Las Cascabeles, Jan. 15 - 18


        Extremely unusual winter rains hampered birding before we left Alamos, and that night we stopped in a sea of mud beside a noisy expressway outside Los Mochis.  The next morning, some of our bigger rigs barely wallowed out of this dreary hotel parking lot.  It was no problem however for our hardy Harry, nor for his friend Ruby, the even more compact camper of Coen Dexter and Brenda Wright.

        The perfect antidote was three sunny days at the lakeside Las Cascabeles Resort near Culiacan.  This sprawling expanse of shade trees, flowering shrubbery, brick walks, ramadas, swimming pools, and picnic tables is a summer getaway for the sweltering urban populace.  In the winter, however, we and swarming birds had it all to ourselves.
Rig row
Carrie at ease in paradise

        The foliage around us teemed with a great variety of orioles, flycatchers, warblers, and hummingbirds.  But most compelling birdwise was the ever-changing waterbird spectacle that was constantly in close view on the nearby lake and lagoons.
Lakeside shade
Waterbirding deluxe
Waterbirding by inflatable

        The social highlight of this stop was a potluck supper following our afternoon birding reports.
June Whitten records the day's sighting
Potluck supper
Jim Stout dishes out the soup
After a great day
Totally flaked out
Good night all


Photographs copyrighted 2004 by Carolyn Merchant