Paraiso Miramar (San Blas area) Jan. 26 - Feb. 15

Estuary Birding


       Another boat trip, up a broad estuary from San Blas, netted birds that frequent more open waters.
Guide Armando Santiago
Brown Pelicans
Magnificent Frigatebirds
Neotropic Cormorants

       We witnessed a dramatic instance of avian aggression.
A Yellow-crowned Night Heron is evicted from a desirable perch by a much smaller but feistier Belted Kingfisher

        On the way back to port, as the afternoon waned, still other species appeared on the shore.
Green Kingfisher
Long-billed Curlew
Louisiana Waterthrush
San Blas outer harbor
San Blas waterfront


Photographs copyrighted 2004 by Carolyn Merchant