Puerto Vallarta and Boca de Iguanas, Feb. 16 - 20


        On the road again, we stopped overnight at Puerto Vallarta for reprovisioning, and then continued southward to the palm-fringed beach at Boca de Iguanas near Manzanillo.  The campground was idyllic, except that Carolyn and other Email fans had to travel twenty miles to Melaque for an internet cafe.
Bahia de Iguanas
Boca Beach
Big rig row
Small rig row
Harry's snug nook
Internet cafe, Melaque
(at right, John and Joanne Powles)

        The beach and adjacent farming and grazing land provided excellent birding.
Traffic on the birding trail
Thick-billed Kingbird
Squirrel Cuckoo
Linneated Woodpecker
Feeding young
San Blas Jay

        The biggest social event of our stay was a Goofy Gift Party.  Inexpensive and idiosyncratic gifts contributed by each rig were lined up in plain wrappers.  Then, in an order determined by lot, each rig chose a gift, which had to be opened immediately and displayed to everyone.  The catch was that all subsequent choosers could elect to claim a gift already chosen instead of one of those remaining unchosen.  People whose gifts were thus expropriated than had another choice between an unopened or an already chosen gift.
Mystery gifts
"What could it be?"
May Gong
Agog with curiosity
Coen Dexter, Lee & Pat Yoder, Wendy Forster, John Powles
"I'll never hang on to this bottled margarita"
Duane & June Whitten
"You've got to give it up, Shirley"
Linda Dunnam, Ann Jenkins, Lee & Shirley Sutton
Modeling a gift bikini
Walt & Margot Borden

        One birding destination at Boca Beach was the nearby road to the posh Blue Bay Club, where an extremely friendly resident emerged from a hammock in his thatched ramada to welcome us and present bouquets to our ladies.  Along the road we found three species new to Carolyn and Charlie.
Blue Bay Club
Hospitable local
with Joanne Powles
Birding on Blue Bay Road
Joanne & John Powles, Charlie
Stripe-headed Sparrows
Blue-black Grassquit
Orange-breasted Bunting

Photographs copyrighted 2004 by Carolyn Merchant