Farewells (San Carlos and Amado), Mar. 8 - 12


        We spent our last night in Mexico at the same place we had spent our first, the outstanding El Mirador RV Park in San Carlos.  After a farewell dinner in its fine restaurant, we gathered for the last time with our folding chairs for good-byes.  Here Pat Yoder, poet laureante of several RV birding caravans, saluted each caravaner in her inimitably humourous verse.  Then the Whittens passed out certificates of merit attesting each caravaner's most memorable trait.  Carolyn was declared the caravan's ace photographer and Charlie its premier song-and-dance man.
Farewell Dinner
(clockwise visible faces) June & Duane Whitter,
Charlie, Joanne Powles, (across) Noel and
Ellene Gravelle, Wendy Forster, Jim Stout
Pat Yoder's goodbye poem
Ellene Gravelle, Jim Coe, Kent Dunnam,
Lee Yoder, Shirley Sutton, Pat Yoder
June passes out the Whitten awards
Ann Jenkins, Ruth Stout, Joanne & John
Powles, Wendy Forster, June Whitten, Chris
Tenney's legs, Gwen Woodhouse

        Visual spectacles marked both our departure from Mexico and our arrival in the United States.  Once across the border, some of us stopped over at our original rendezvous point in Amado, Arizona, for a last round of good-bye hugs,  Here we enjoyed dining with nearby residents Jim and Jan Nerison, the pioneers of the RV birding caravan and the Wagonmasters on Charlie's first caravan.
Farewell sunrise in Mexico,
on leaving San Carlos, Sonora
Welcoming rainbow in the United States,
on reaching Amado, Arisona
Dinner with the Nerisons
(clockwise from left) Duane & June Whitten, Chris
Tenney, Jim & Jan Nerison, Charlie, Jim Coe


The End

Photographs copyrighted 2004 by Carolyn Merchant