Workshop, Dec 8-10, 2010

Co-organizers: Pat Kirch, Bruce Baldwin, Dan Rabosky, George Roderick

From Dec 8-10, 2010, we held a workshop for the purpose of identifying common parameters that underlie biodiversity dynamics on islands. The general structure was designed to integrate information across the following areas: 1) Patterns of biodiversity (role of island age & isolation); (2)  Colonization (source & predictability); (3) Species/ area relationships. (4) Rate & pattern of species accumulation; (5) Equilibrium numbers of species; (6) Early burst of evolutionary divergence; (7) Human-mediated extinction patterns; (8) Intersection of evolutionary & ecological processes. To achieve our overall goal of understanding of biodiversity dynamics on islands, at the workshop we plan: (1) a synthesis that gives a general predictive model of how biodiversity, and associated interactions, change over evolutionary (and ecological) time. And (2) integration across approaches to understand biodiversity in both natural and human-modified landscapes (coupling biological and anthropological data), in order to show where we're at, and to identify the major "gaps" in our current understanding.

Biodiversity Dynamics on Islands

Helen James, Sergey Gavrilets, Nick Porch, Rosemary Gillespie, Hélène Morlon, Dominique Gravel, Ben Warren, Juliane Casquet, Lauren Esposito, Nicolas Mouquet, Luke Harmon, Christophe Thébaud

After presentation discussion

Sergey Gavrilets presents

Words of wisdom ... meeting outcomes

John Harte presents

Hélène Morlon presents

  1. Rosemary Gillespie "Community assembly on oceanic islands over space and time"

  2. Pat Kirch, UCB, "Pre-European impacts to oceanic ecosystems and their implications for biogeography"

  3. Dan Rabosky, "Diversification and the assembly of island communities: lessons from Caribbean anoles"

  4. Christophe Thébaud, "Towards comparing diversification across archipelagoes: the case of flowering plants"

  5. Bruce Baldwin, "Phylogenetic and biogeographic considerations from the Hawaiian flora"

  6. Ben Warren, "Western Indian Ocean phylogenetic and biogeographic patterns at different spatiotemporal scales

  7. Luke Harmon, "New frontiers for the comparative analysis of adaptive radiation"

  8. Dominique Gravel,  Nicolas Mouquet, "Trophic theory of island biogeography"

  9. Sergey Gavrilets, "Modeling the dynamics of adaptive radiation"

  10. Hélène Morlon, "Long-term diversity dynamics: decoding molecular phylogenies"

  11. Franck Jabot, "When neutral models produce non-random phylogenetic assemblages"

  12. John Harte, "Pushing ecological theory from static to dynamic"

  13. George Roderick, "Recent introductions and invasions: new niches or old?"

  14. James Rosindell, "A unified model of island biogeography sheds light on the zone of radiation"

  15. Helen James, "Island birds in ecological and evolutionary time"

  16. Nick Porch, "Millenial scale dynamics of Indo-Pacific insect communities: fossil record of diversity, extinction, & invasion"

Presentations (available here for participants)