Mascarene Islands

Comparative biogeography of spiders in the Indian & Pacific Oceans

In collaboration with Christophe Thébaud, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, I have started examining spiders from the Mascarene Islands of the Indian Ocean. This work is part of a much larger project (ANR-BIOTAS) funded by the French government (Dominique Strasberg, Serge Quilici, and Christophe Thébaud "Analyse de la diversification des biota terrestres et marins au sein du 'hotspot' de biodiversié du Sud-Ouest de l'océan Indien" (Henrich Bruggemann, Dominique Strasberg, Christophe Thébaud, Gustav Paulay, Brent Emerson, Serge Planes, Marie Louise Cariou, Emmanuel Paradis). The goal of the spider project is to understand how communities form on isolated land masses over similar time scales, but with very different sets of potential colonists. Moreover, the islands of the Mascarenes are considerably less remote than many of the Pacific islands, Reunion being only 724 km east of Madagascar. This project forms the basis of the PhD research of Julianne Casquet, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse.

Réunion 2008 with Christophe Thébaud, Brent Emerson,  Dominique Strasberg, Borja Mila, Ben Warren

Spiders from Réunion

Piton des Neiges Réunion & Cirque de Cilaos