I switched positions in mid-2013 and am now at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. Several sections here are likely out of date. Visit karthik.io. [close]

Karthik Ram

I am a quantitative terrestrial ecologist at UC Berkeley. Learn more

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GitHub Projects

Research Projects

Stage-structured population dynamics
In June 2011 I began working with the de Valpine group (Perry de Valpine, Jonas Knape, and Katie Scranton) at UC Berkeley’s Environmental Science, Policy, and Management department. Here I am working on developing novel methods to understand time-series data for stage structured organisms. I am using herbivorous spider mites Tetranychus pacificus as a model […] Read more – ‘Stage-structured population dynamics’.
Open Science
We live in a time where the scientific community is generating information at an unprecedented rate. In the ecological community alone, we now generate a high volume of sensor-derived data in addition to experimental and observational data collected over many decades. While such datasets (and other products of scientific endavours) could be leveraged to generated […] Read more – ‘Open Science’.
Climate change impacts on green wave in Yellowstone
For my postdoctoral work at UC Santa Cruz, I modeled the impacts of climate change on the dynamics of the wolf-elk-vegetation food web in the Northern Rockies. I used large datasets from satellite-derived vegetation indices, regional climate models, and weather stations to understand how different trophic levels respond to changing climate. My study is among […] Read more – ‘Climate change impacts on green wave in Yellowstone’.