Department of Environmental Science,

Policy and Management

Environmental Geochemistry @Cal

Welcome to the Lammers Lab! Our group studies the natural chemistry that regulates the cycling of critical elements in the environment, spanning the molecular to macro scales. We apply a combination of cutting-edge measurement and simulation approaches to develop mechanistic models of interfacial processes for carbon sequestration, environmental management, and resource recovery in complex natural systems.

Focus Areas

Carbon Sequestration

Earth's surface is undergoing environ-mental change at an alarming pace. Rapid advancement of carbon removal technologies are needed to mitigate a global climate crisis. We investigate the fundamental chemical processes regulating carbon fluxes in soils and engineered systems. Our group leverages both natural material characterization and comple-mentary laboratory experiments that isolate important physio-chemical variables that control carbonate mineralization.

Environmental Management

Human activities disrupt the natural cycling of elements. We study the processes regulating elemental transport to develop improved solutions for environmental remediation and for safe long-term storage of nuclear waste. Our group advances predictive models of contaminant transport in complex fluids using combined simulations and experiments. We have discovered unexpected feedbacks that arise due to the tight coupling between chemical selectivity and structure in diverse materials.

Resource Recovery

We aim to promote a successful transition to a sustainable resource management paradigm by studying the selective recovery of nutrients and rare elements from complex geomaterials and from waste streams. This effort hinges on our ability to apply environmentally-inspired approaches to selectively separate chemical species in complex mixtures, and to identify important chemical hurdles to efficient resource recovery.

The lab welcomes individuals representing diverse backgrounds and expertise united by a strong commitment to environmental problem solving.