Department of Environmental Science,

Policy and Management

Environmental Geochemistry @Cal

The Chemistry of Soils

ESPM C128/ CE C116


Credits:  3.0

Description:  This course covers the complex fluid, solid, and interfacial processes that govern the chemistry of soils. Come to learn the components of soil, the process of soil formation, and the way that soil chemistry affects the fate of nutrients, contaminants, and carbon in the environment. We discuss how soils can be used to sequester carbon and mitigate global climate change.


Surface & Colloid Chemistry

ESPM 222


Credits:  3.0

Description:  The unique physiochemical properties of solid-fluid interfaces governs critical environmental geochemical processes including adsorption and mineral growth and dissolution that influence nutrient and contaminant mobility. This course introduces the key properties and processes governing the surface chemistry of natural particles. We will discuss key methods available to characterize interfacial chemistry, and implement phenomenological and mechanistic modeling approaches used to describe and predict surface chemistry.