This database application provides information associated with my PTO collection numbers.
Use the above form to search for specific PTO collection numbers, a range of numbers,
or all records from an archipelago or island.

To search by PTO number:
- For data from a single PTO number, enter it in the first box "PTO - start"
- For a range of values use both the start and end boxes

To search by Archipelago or Island:
- Type the name of the Archipelago into the appropriate box, or
- Type the name of the Island into the appropriate box

From the Results page:
- Click on the PTO number to see a list of specimens from that collecting event.

From the Specimens list:
- Click on the species name for detailed information for that species (if it is in the database).

NOTE: Date is given in the form "Year-Month-Day"

This database contains records that may also be found in the
Essig Museum or Moorea BioCode database.

Brought to you by Peter Oboyski