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Butterflies of Costa Rica

I spent two weeks in Costa Rica in March, 2003. I spent one week helping with the ALAS project (Arthropods of La Selva), then the

following week visiting Manuel Antonio, INBio research station & park, and the La Selva Biological Station.

Here I am collecting day-flying insects along the trail.

Tropical rain forest.

My favorite sitting spot.

Our field station (Campo Cantarrana) for the week.

At the mercury vapor light.

Dobsonfly (Megaloptera: Corydalidae) & harlequin beetle (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) that showed up at the lights.

This katydid later laid eggs on the branch holding the lights up in front of the sheet.

Leaf cutter ants at work.

Leaf cutter ants on parade.

Owl butterfly along the trail.

Butterfly along the trail.

Dragonfly along the trail.

Flowers along the trail.

Poison dart frogs were common in this area.

Lizard along the trail.

Lizard at camp.

La Selva Biological Station & headquarters for the Organization for Tropical Studies.

Geology display at INBio Parque.

Display at INBio Parque showing parks and reserves around the country.

Butterflies at butterfly garden at INBio Parque.

Butterfly in butterfly garden at INBio Parque.