About this database

This searchable database is derived primarily from "Forest Entomology in Hawaii" by O.H. Swezey, 1954. Species names have been updated where information was available. The database will ultimately contain insect and plant names (searchable at the Order, Family, Genus, and Species level) as well as notes on habits (leaf-feeder, seed borer, sap-sucker, etc.) and distribution (from literature sources). The database will continue to grow and develop focusing primarily on literature searches and my personal collections. The "Insects of Hawaii" series by E.C. Zimmerman is being (very) slowly databased beginning with the Lepidoptera.

For a full checklist of the arthropods of Hawaii, including literature citations for select groups (eg. Megalagrion), please refer to the Bishop Museum On-line Arthropod Checklist. If you have questions, comments, corrections, or would like to contribute data, please contact Pete Oboyski.