How we Merge Web Development with Data Science for Exceptional Data-Driven Solutions

Modern web apps coupled with cutting-edge approaches to mathematical modeling, deep learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms

As a unique collection of ex-startup software developers and computational scientists from Cornell University and UC Berkeley, S.C. provides practical fullstack web app and data science solutions today for an ephemeral tomorrow.

D3js, Bokeh, HTML5, & CSS3

We offer rich solutions to data analysis problems in either native (i.e. offline) or web based interfaces. Our process involves contributing to any and all aspects of data processing, analysis, and dissemination of results. Our team has been involved with a diverse range of academic and industry projects for the past several years, include data processing, predictive modeling, and interactive visualizations.

Easy to Use

From primarily working with collaborators and clients that have extremely limited to no programming experience, we take pride in our extensive experience translating the vast landscape of computer jargon into the language of basic human-to-human communication. This provides real-world solutions that are valuable to your scientific research or business analytics without the headache or confusion of IT departments and server administration employees.

Fully Responsive

Whether you are shooting a quick glance at summary statistics on your group's database web interface, scanning for the latest database updates from your tablet on the train to and from work, or running dynamical simulations in one of many of our customizable web apps on your desktop machine - our novel client- and server-side frameworks provide accessible and extensible applications in both the frontend and backend. Furthermore, our applications are developed through mobile-first design and are compatible across practically all compute devices and operating systems.

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Addressing the vast array of the world's problems requires next level technological solutions. That is why our team specializes in the application of Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and systems dynamical mathematical algorithms and models.


Web App for Population Viability Analysis

Getz & Muellerklein et al. 2016

DOI: 10.1111/nrm.12120

Parasite Extinction Assessment and Red List web app - Coming soon

Preprint coming soon