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Information for prospective graduate students

Graduate students in my group do a variety of research on ecological theory, development and application of computational and statistical methods, and field research. These topics often lead to opportunities to collaborate with fellow graduate students. While I will consider students with any outstanding academic background, I primarily take students with excellent mathematical and/or computer science skills.  Such students should not hesitate to jump into ecology and environmental science or statistical modeling with applications in these areas.

Interested students should e-mail me. I can advise students through ESPM or Biostatistics. For the Fall 2016 application cycle, I am especially looking for a student interested in contributing to our NIMBLE computational statistics software along with related methods and applications. Possible sources of funding (requiring separate application) could include the Biomedical Big Data or Data Science for the 21st Century training grant programs here at Berkeley, along with NSF funding for NIMBLE development.