3. Remote Sensing Systems

One of the important component in remote sensing is the various devices for data collection. Any data acquisition system for remote sensing includes two parts, the platform and the sensor. The platform maybe a conventional tripod, a berry picker mounted on a truck, any other types of vehicles, boats, balloons, aircrafts, spacecrafts and satellites, etc. The sensors may include cameras, radiometers, multispectral scanners, imaging spectrometers, and radars. In this chapter, we will introduce some typical sensing systems and their different ways of imaging.

3.1 Camera Systems

Color Films
Color Negative Films
Color Infrared Films

3.2 Aerial Photography

Photographic Resolution
Ground Coverage

3.3 Satellite-Borne Multispectral Systems

Landsat Multispectral Scanner System
Landsat Thematic Mapper System
High Resolution Visible (HRV) Sensors
AVHRR - Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
Earth Observing System (EOS)
Other Satellite Sensors

3.4 Airborne Multispectral Systems

Multispectral scanners
False Color Composite
Digital Photography with CCD Arrays
Imaging Spectrometry
Where to obtain remote sensing data?

3.5 Microwave Remote Sensing

Spatial Resolution of SLAR systems
Radar Equation Derivation
Geometric Aspects
Space-borne radars