Laboratory Exercise 4

Type Mapping Exercise Using Class Developed Typing Rules


The objective of this lab is to develop a fairly detailed classification system using a minimum of two, and preferably three, classification keys. Collectively we will decide on an objective and develop a classification key for this exercise.

Hand in:

One final type map and corresponding documentation. This work is due at the beginning of the next lab period.


1. Correct any errors in effective areas and revise type map based on map objective, classification system, and minimum mapping unit derived in lab.

2. Finalize the type map

a) trace the effective area boundaries onto a clear sheet of acetate using a red pencil. also indicate the location of the principal point, conjugate principal points, and flight line in red.

b) trace your type boundaries onto the final type map using a regular pencil. make sure to close and label all polygons.

c) place the following information on the type map

i) north arrow
ii) map title
iii) minimum mapping unit (words and picture)
iv) map scale
v) key to type symbols
vi) mappers names
vii) date of mapping
viii) description of photos

- date taken -format
- scale

d) document the cover type classification system

i) define the map objective
ii) describe each category