About This Site

In response to the the call for "Cyber Technology for Teaching in the Spring Semester 1997" at the Berkeley Campus, we build this web site to assist students enrolled in the upper level undergraduate course: ESPM 172 - Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, and the graduate level course: ESPM 271 - Advanced Remote Sensing for Natural Resources. The goal is to make it easier for students to search and read relevant information in the cyber space, and to make the task simpler to modify lecture notes to include the latest development in the field.

From this site, students will find
descriptions of remote sensing concepts,
detailed illustration of fundamental image processing and analysis algorithms,
review questions,
schedules of planned class events,
links to useful remote sensing data sources,
links to various organizations involved in remote sensing and geographic information systems.

The instructor will frequently update this site to add new materials, new links to other web sites.

At the end of this semester, we hope to significantly improve this web site through the joint efforts between the students and the instructor.