With the gracious support from University of Greifswald, I was able to visit Prof. Gabriele Uhl’s lab in Greifswald, Germany to collaborate with their lab to learn from their techniques and expand upon their chemical behavioral assays. There I was able to work closely with student, Anne-Sarah Ganske to conduct behavioral assays using Tetragntha versicolor spider from California and T. extensa spiders from Germany as well as do some preliminary SEM work on the legs of the Tetragntha spiders. The behavioral experiments went absolutely wonderfully, the SEM scans fun and promising, and the many members of the Uhl lab were all extremely charming, friendly, and so exciting to work with. Also during my time there, Prof Uhl traveled with me to meet Prof. Manfred Ayasse and his student, Andreas Fischer, at Ulm University and Prof. Stefan Schulz at the Braunschweig University of Technology both renowned professors working on chemical communication of arthropod organisms. This opportunity has truly been a game-changing experience for myself and my research and I hope to be able to continue working with the many excellent individuals I met on this trip. Danke schön everyone!