Evan Ho


Bachelor of Arts (2013 – 2017)

College of Natural Resources, Molecular Environmental Biology | University of California, Berkeley

Post Graduation

8th Grade Science Teacher | Willard Middle School

Academic Interests

I am interested in various fields of biology and also teaching. I’ve taken several classes in behavioral biology such as insect behavior and animal communication, and am fascinated with how the observable behaviors of many animals connect directly to their fitness, and thus evolution. As for teaching, I am on track to graduate with a teaching credential to teach high school biology, and hope to teach in the near future through a project-based curriculum.

Favorite Spider: I really love how pretty the Tetragnatha waikamoi spiders look! I think they look like lime-flavored Skittles!

Favorite Insect: I currently don’t have a favorite insect, but funny enough I am more scared of crickets than I am spiders. After working with spiders for so long, it’s scary to see a little critter actually see and jump away from you!

Favorite Food: A Taiwanese street food called 蚵仔麵線. This translates to oyster vermicelli, and is the food of my childhood!