Support/ Fundraising

As a student run organization, we have to face the truths of the reality in which we live; the industrialized, capitalist market that drives our global society. Therefore, most of the events we want to hold, speakers we want to invite, and conferences we would like to attend, cost money. Seeing as we have just revitalized the CRSSO, we do not have much of it. With this, trying to thrive as an organization while staying true to our morals and values can be tricky, and it has been, causing our organization issues in the past, but it is possible. We are in the midst of organizing a plant sale, but because of this inherent conflict of interests, we still need help in finding other avenues to raise money. If you have any ideas, please let us know!

There is one other avenue, however, we are currently exploring. One day while a group of students were brainstorming possible methods of fundraising, the realization was made that there is no official CNR clothing. We thought that if there was someway we could use sustainably farmed, organic, natural fibers such as hemp or wool, eco-friendly water based inks, and have them produced locally--all at a reasonable cost--we may be OK with the idea of selling t-shirts as a mode to raise funds. Surprisingly, things have been working out thus far and we are currently in communication with the Dean's Office as well as a local screen printer. At the moment the cost is not very high and we are looking at possible hemp t-shrits as well as wool clothes. Designs will be here upon approval.

**official CNR clothing coming soon

Please feel free to write any ideas to or message us via the 'Contact Us!' link on the top right side of the page!