In this section, you can see my most recent publications. You should usually be able to find these publications in the UC Berkeley library electronic resources. If you cannot access a publication, please let me know at and I will send you a pdf file if available.

  • "Shifting to Green Chemistry: The Need for Innovations in Marketing Sustainability." Business Strategy and the Environment (Forthcoming, published online, July 2006).
  • "Connecting Consumers and Producers: Making the Seafood Industry Sustainable." Journal of Cleaner Production (Forthcoming, published online, July 2006).
  • "Identifying Environmental Health Risks in Consumer Products: Non-Governmental Organizations and Civic Epistemology." Public Understanding of Science (October 2007).
  • "The International Political Economy of Making Consumption Sustainable." Review of International Political Economy 13:2, 340-358 (2006).
  • "Seeing Sustainability in Business Operations: UK and US Food Retailer Experiments with Accountability." Business Strategy and the Environment. (Forthcoming, published online August 2005).
  • "Creating Missing Objects for Environmental Protection: Food Miles and Sustainable Agriculture." Environmental Values 14: 163-183 (2005).
  • "Mapping Environmental Justice In Technology Flows: Computer Waste Impacts in Asia." Global Environmental Politics 4(4) 76-106 (2004).
  • "Making Seafood Sustainable: Merging Consumption and Citizenship in the United States." Science and Public Policy 31(2) 127-138 (2004).
  • "Re-Thinking Differential Obligations: Equity Under the Biodiversity Convention." Leiden Journal of International Law 16:2, 217-251 (2003).

Edited Book Chapters

"Targeting Consumer Products and Environmental Life Cycles Across the Atlantic." In Miranda Schreurs, Stacy VanDeveer and Henrik Selin (editors), Enlarging Transatlantic Relations. Under review at Cambridge University Press.

"Making Climate Change Impacts Meaningful: Framing, Methods and Process in Agriculture and Coastal Zone Assessments." With Marybeth Long, in Alex Farrell and Jill Jaeger (editors), Assessments of Regional and Global Environmental Risks: Designing Processes for the Effective Use of Science in Decision-Making, pp.102-118, Resources for the Future Press, Washington DC pp. 102-118 (2005).

"Patching Local and Global Knowledge Together: Citizens Inside the US Chemical Industry." In Sheila Jasanoff and Marybeth Long (editors), Earthly Politics: Global and Local in Environmental Governance MIT Press: Cambridge, MA pp. 285-308 (2004)