Sweat bee on a California poppy
California Bees & Blooms: A Guide for Gardeners and Naturalists is a friendly, UC-driven new guidebook that shows readers how to encourage native bees to thrive in an urban environment.
Forestry alumna Saana Deichsel '02 says that when you come to Forestry Camp, an eight-week intensive field class in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the experience "sticks."
close-up of wood rings
The College of Natural Resource is celebrating the centennial of the UC Berkeley forestry program. Request your free commemorative book--contact us at forestry100@berkeley.edu. Photo: Paul Kirchner Studios
Mt. Panatubo erupting
Technology, risk, ethics, and policy collide in geoengineering.
A flock of dunlin fly over rice fields
Two UC Berkeley alumni at The Nature Conservancy hatch a novel partnership between farmers and conservationists. Photo: Drew Kelly
Newborn infant
The promise and peril of newborn genome sequencing.
Alpine chipmunk specimens
The Holos ecoinformatics engine is streamlining access to more than a century of field data.