Science, Technology & Environment

Broadly, I look at the intersections between science, technology, and environment. I am especially interested in how technologies – ranging from chemistry, energy systems, environmental health monitoring, to information technology – can not only affect societies and the environment (and vice versa), but generate better environmental protection. For a brief explanation of how I envisage and research STE, please click here. Generally, I am developing what may be called "environmental STS".

At this point, I am focused on green chemistry (as one example of the chemical industry’s broader transition to sustainability) and biomass resources (including biofuels and biomass chemistry). I am very interested in whether and how biomass resources can contribute to satisfying energy needs, reducing the toxicity of chemicals, and enhancing the use of renewable resources – without causing environmental, health, and social damage. With fellow S&E faculty and graduate students, I am embarking on a collaborative project to study the life cycle impacts of biofuels and the development of regulation and policy to address these impacts.

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