College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

SPUR Stories

Pierre-Alain Blosse

Plant and Microbial Biology
"This showed me the life of a scientist much better than any of the classes I have taken at Cal."

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Stephanie Borges

Plant and Microbial Biology
Advisor: Professor Sharon Fleming
"I gained hands on research experience in addition to effective literature search skills. I got experience in the field and learned the processes that must be dealt with in order to use human subjects."

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David Garber

Agricultural Resources and Economics
Advisor: Professor Sofia Villas-Boas
"I learned the value of teamwork, how to use GIS and arcmap, and a lot of economic theory."

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Brian Kim

Plant and Microbial Biology
Advisor: Professor Andy Jackson
"I think if everything goes well, we will be able to publish this work with Brian as a coauthor."

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Laura Lagomarsino

Plant and Microbial Biology
Advisor: Assistant Professor Chelsea Specht
"Now, I know exactly what I want to do and what I want to study. "

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Maya Mileck

Plant and Microbial Biology
Advisor: Professor Peggy Lemaux
"Without a program like SPUR, I would never have approached a faculty member to ask to participate in their research project."

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Subhajit Poddar

Plant and Microbial Biology
Advisor: Professor Krishna Niyogi
"Once I began working with mutant strains of algae, I was totally hooked."

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Matt Stuckey

Environmental Sciences and Policy Management
Advisor: Professor George Roderick
Working on cloning nuclear genes to assess genetic variation within and among populations of C. behrii

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Jonathon Treffkorn

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
Advisor: Professor Whendee Silver
"...a scientist must be prepared for all contingencies, and be ready to be flexible and make changes on-the-fly for any unexpected problems."

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Jenny Zhang

Plant and Microbial Biology
Advisor: Professor Bob Buchanan
"...the most important part in research is being able to interpret the results critically."

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