College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

SPUR Alumni

David Garber
Agricultural Resources and Economics
Advisor: Professor Sofia Villas-Boas

Reflections: The whole team worked well together. It gave Professor Villias-Boas the ability to be versatile and have the help of many students on this project.

"I learned the value of teamwork, how to use GIS and arcmap, and a lot of economic theory."

David Garber

Research: SPUR funding helped Professor Villas-Boas conduct a study on the effects of a restaurant hygiene grading system in the greater Los Angeles area. In January 1998, Los Angeles County implemented a policy to provide hygiene grade cards at all inspected restaurants. Posting the grade cards was mandatory in some places in the county. We analyzed a dataset combining the inspection data with geographic information. They found a "spillover" effect from the mandatory hygiene grade posting. Restaurants nearby that are able, but not required, to credibly disclose hygiene quality in fact provide better hygiene.

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