Faculty Projects

A list of faculty projects is below. Select a project name to review its information.

Faculty Project Name Faculty
Assessing the benefits, costs and tradeoffs of biologically-diversified farming systems in California’s Central Coast Claire Kremen
Assessing the severity and rate of spread of white pine blister rust in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks John Battles
Measuring Halocarbons in Berkeley Robert Rhew
Documentation of soil sealing in San Francisco Bay Area cities Joe R. McBride
Hazardous Fuels Reduction Treatment Demonstration Matthew Potts
Political Economy of Clean Energy Transitions Jonas Meckling
Site-directed mutagenesis of a plant potassium channel Sheng Luan
EvoDevo in the Zingiberales Chelsea Specht
Tribal Food Security and Health Assessment of the Klamath River Bio-Cultural Basin Jennifer Sowerwine
Neonicotinoid Risk Assessments with Solitary Bees Gordon Frankie
Mapping vegetation change in Yosemite using historical aerial photos Maggi Kelly
Offering Fruits and Vegetables Compared to Self-Selecting in a School-Based Elementary School Cafeteria Setting and Its Impact on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Mikelle McCoin
Increasing Micronutrient Levels in Cereal Grain for Developing Countries Peggy Lemaux
Improving an Important Crop for Africa Peggy Lemaux
Arachnid Behavior and Biomechanics Damian Elias
MicroRNA regulation of plant innate immune receptors Barbara J. Baker
Spatial Analysis of Surrounding Landownership and Access to National Park Service Units in the Pacific West Region Maggi Kelly
Sustainably remediation arsenic soil contamination Celine Pallud
Urban Agroecology in the East Bay, California Miguel Altieri
Native Bees Need a Forum Gordon Frankie
Cataloging Plant Collections at U.C. Forestry Summer Camp, Blodgett Forest, and Whitaker's Forest. Maggi Kelly
Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron in Subalpine Wetlands with Different Hydraulic Connectivity Celine Pallud
Predicting the potential risks for the native fly fauna posed by beneficial insects introduced for biocontrol of an exotic insect pest in the US Kent Daane
Mapping Marijauna Expansion in Northern California Van Butsic
Phylogenetic Relationships in Ephydridae (Diptera) Patrick O'Grady