Faculty Projects

A list of faculty projects is below. Select a project name to review its information.

Faculty Project Name Faculty
Vitamin A Metabolism and Rdh1 Function During Adipocyte Differentiation Joe Napoli
Mapping yard tree and vegetation cover change in single family residential parcels across economic gradients in the Bay Area between 1960-2010 Joe McBride
Sustainably Remediation Arsenic Soil Contamination Celine Pallud
Caddisflies of California: Online species distribution database and distribution modeling Patina Mendez
Compensatory behaviors in performance induced by autotomy in daddy long-legs (Arachnida: Opiliones) Damian Elias
Landscape Genetics of an Urban-Wildland Matrix Ian Wang
Ethephon Pesticide Safety: Spontaneous Activation and Multiple Targets John Casida
Carbon Stabilization in Soils: Examining Microbe-Mineral Interactions Mary Firestone
Systematics and Evolution of the tropical liana tribe Paullinieae (Sapindaceae) Chelsea Specht
Potential of Hedgerow plantings to spread Neonicotinoid pesticides to native bees and honeybees Claire Kremen
Meta-Analysis: Ecosystem Services in Diversified Agriculture Claire Kremen
Biogenesis and Assembly of Photosynthetic Membranes Krishna Niyogi
The role of the EMF2 genes in Physcomitrella development and in the evolution of sporophyte dominance Chelsea Specht
Boom and Bust in Sulawesi's Cacao Landscapes Matthew Potts
Using CalBug databasing to add new species records for the Carabid Beetles of California Kipling Will
Effects of fire on arthropod communities in the Mount Diablo range Kipling Will
Floral Development and Evolution Chelsea Specht
Predicting the potential risks for the native fly fauna posed by beneficial insects introduced for biocontrol of an exotic insect pest in the US Kent Daane
Investigating the role of the DEMETER N-terminal domain in seed abortion and DNA methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana Robert L. Fischer
Interactions of Plant Pathogens and Insects Nicholas Mills
Mapping Law Enforcement and Crime in the National Parks Maggi Kelly
Urban Biocultural Diversity Project Jennifer Sowerwine
Ecological analysis of the human gut microbiome John HARTE
Seed Dispersal in the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project Adina Merenlender
Native Bees Need a Forum Gordon Frankie
Improving Sorghum for the World’s Poor Peggy Lemaux
Tribal Food Security and Health Assessment of the Klamath River Bio-Cultural Basin Jennifer Sowerwine
Mapping Marijauna Expansion in Northern California Van Butsic
Phylogeny of Ephydridae Patrick O'Grady
Plant immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis