The FLUXNET Workshop took place on June 7-9, 2011

The workshop was held at
The David Brower Center
located in Berkeley, CA

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Ross Bricklemeyer
Laura Chasmer #1, #2
Sergio Cogliati
David Crisp
Silvano Fares
Larry Flanagan
Monica Garcia
A.R. Huete
Wonsik Kim
Natascha Kljun
Steve Klosterman
Daisuke Komori
Christine Laney
Wenkai Li
Michael Loranty
Siyan Ma
Suellen Marostica

M.P. Martin
Eli Melaas
Asko Noormets
Gilberto Pastorello
Elizabeth Pattey
Naama Raz Yaseef
M. Rossini
Ramesh Singh
Timothy Hill
Eva van Gorsel
Rodrigo Vargas
Sonia Wharton

Updated 6/28/2011

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Slides fromWorkshop Presentations and Panel Discussions

Session 1: Introduction/Overviewa
1. Welcome, Conference Charge and Scope, Dennis Baldocchi, University of California, Berkeley.
2. Overview of FLUXNET, Scope and Progress, Markus Reichstein, Max Planck Institute, and Dario Papale, University of Tuscia
3. Overview of SpecNet, Scope and Progress,  John Gamon, University of Alberta

Session 2: Progress on Upscaling Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor Fluxes from Canopies to Landscapes
1. On Making and Interpreting Regular Hyperspectral Reflectance measurements on Towers, Thomas Hilker, University of British Columbia.
2. On Detecting Phenology and Canopy Structure with Digital Cameras, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Eddy Covariance Measurements   European Perspective, Lisa Wingate, Cambridge, North American Perspective,  Andrew Richardson, Harvard.

Session 3: Upscaling from Canopies to Landscapes, Continued
Coupling 3D Radiative Transfer Models with Soil Vegetation Transfer Models for Sparse Vegetation and Validating with Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Eddy Covariance Flux Data, Hideki Kobayashi, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

Session 4: Upscaling Landscapes to Continents and the Globe
1. Space Based Measurements of CO2 from GOSAT and OCO-2,  David Crisp, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2. Success and Failures with Implementing Biophysical Modeling to Upscale Carbon and Water Fluxes to the Global Scale, Youngryel Ryu, Harvard/ Seoul National University
3.  Success and Failure of Implementing Data Driven Upscaling of Spatial Fluxes using Flux Networks and Remote Sensing, Jingfeng Xiao, University of New Hampshire
4. New NASA Earth Exchange, NEX, Database, Ramakrisha Nemani, NASA Ames

Breakout Sessions and Panel Discussions

Topic 1:
Flux and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Emerging vegetation indices and data products
Panel Discussion Leaders: Fred Huemmerich, Carolyn Nichol, Elizabeth Pattey, Josep Penuelas

Topic 2: Fluxes, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Models; How do we Produce New Data Prodcuts? What conceptual framework(s) (models) should we use and why?
Panel Discussion Leaders:  Josh Fisher, Mark Friedl, Kazuhito Ichii, Josep Penuelas, Chris Williams

Topic 3: Fluxes, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, Models and Upscaling: Matching flux footprints with remotely sensed scenes
Panel Discussion Leaders: Laura Chasmer, Matthias Goekkede, Natacsha Kljun

Topic 4: COST/SpecNet Session on Optical Sampling
Panel Discussion Leaders: John Gamon, Loris Vescovo

Topic 5. Discussion: Regional to Global Questions to be Addressed with Flux Networks: Issues with Sustaining the Networks
Panel Discussion Leaders:
Joon Kim, Nobuko Saigusa, Shaoqian Wang
Europe: Dario Papale
North America: Larry Flanagan
Australia: Jason Beringer, Eva vanGorsel
Fluxnet:  Dennis Baldocchi

Topic 6: Flux and Hyperspectral Remote sensing, merging data products, Future Directions: : New and Emerging Network-scale Science questions?
Discussion Leaders and Rapporteurs:   Oliver Sonnentag, Nicholas Coops, Alfredo Huete, Jeff Chambers

Topic 7: Flux and Hyperspectral Remote sensing, merging data products, Future Directions: Databases, Computational Resources and New Statistical Tools for Next Generation Products
Discussion Leaders and Rapporteurs
:    Jingfeng Xiao, Markus Reichstein, Dario Papale, Deb Agarwal, Gilberto Zonta-Pastorello