Internships & Assistantships
in Natural Resource Management


Corner Stones of Community-based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM)

Community Access to Resourcesthe equitable distribution of costs and benefits of land use and resource management.

A basic goal of community-based natural resource management is to assure that local people have access to the benefits (jobs; natural resources, entrepreneurial opportunities; a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment), and avoid unequal exposure to the costs (unemployment; drug use; pollution) of resource management decisions.

Community Access to Decision Making

Community members participate meaningfully in decisions that directly affect them about the use and management of local natural resources.

Community Preservation of Way of Life

People in local communities are involved in preserving/maintaining a way of life which often entails maintaining a particular relationship with the environment and/or maintenance or restoration of certain (local) landscape values.

What is CBNRM?

The study of community-based natural resource managementcovers a broad range of subjects, from riparian ecosystem restoration to the discursive aspects of land use conflict. Our fellows have studied everything from collaborative processes and conflict resolution to:

  • political ecology of communities and natural resources
  • urban forestry issues
  • issues of social justice and equity
  • watershed restoration
  • park creation and management
  • labor issues
  • nontimber forest product production – flora greens, basket making materials, wild mushrooms, maple syrup
  • revitalization of local lifeways and cultures
  • social networks

Professor Dreamal Worthen
College of Engineering Sciences, Technology and Agriculture
Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, FL 32307
tel: (850) 599-3440
email: dreamal.worthen@famu.edu

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