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Research - Honors Program

Students who successfully complete the Honors Program will earn recognition at graduation and will also receive a notation of Honors in their major on their diploma. The Honors Symposium, held once each semester, gives all Honors students the opportunity to present their research to fellow students, faculty, Deans, friends, and family.

Possess an overall GPA of 3.6 or higher.
Have no more than 2 incomplete grades on your academic record.
Have completed a minimum of 60 semester units (attained junior or senior status).
Transfer students must have completed at least 1 semester at UC Berkeley with a 3.6 GPA. Transfer students are encouraged to undertake their honors research in their senior year.
Complete 8 units of a two-course H196 series (4 units per course) in a CNR department under the guidance of a Faculty Research Mentor/Sponsor. You must enroll in both H196 courses for a letter grade. If you choose to do research with a Research Mentor from another a department outside CNR, you must also identify a CNR Faculty Sponsor in your home department in CNR.
Students must be on campus for two semesters of consecutive research (no EAP, no summer).
Earn grades of a B or better in each H196 course.
Maintain a 3.6 GPA or better through graduation.
Write an honors research thesis and submit copies to your Faculty Sponsor/Research Mentor.
Give an oral presentation at the CNR Honors Symposium.
Attend a mandatory meeting the beginning of each semester.
Enrolling in the Honors Program
Students must submit the H196 enrollment form to their major advisor by the last day of the third week of the semester in which they plan to enroll in the Honors Program. Students must have their faculty research mentor's signature, and the form must be submitted with a copy of the research proposal (title, abstract, background, objectives and hypothesis, methods, timeline). The form is available online.

For more information about the Honors program and a list of participants and their research topics from previous years, please see the CNR Honors website.

Contact Carina Galicia,, 260 Mulford Hall, if you have any questions.

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