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Lecture Room Discussion

On Wednesday of Week 11 we are going to have an in-class discussion instead of a lecture. Please spend 2 hours with lecture 11.2 (the one with live audio) and its associated images and web links before you come to class. (You will need the login and password we gave you in class)

ESPM 160 Lectures Page

Be prepared with (1) an observation about what was most interesting to you about the material in the web lecture and its links and (2) a question to ask of other students.

Please also view the Wilderness Panorama on the Assignments page under Week 11 and be prepared to discuss the questions on the panorama page.

You can listen to the lecture in the ESPM Resource Center in 260 Mulford or at other computer facilities on campus, such as the one in the Biosciences and Natural Resources Library (in VLSB) if you take a headset with you, but you can still view and read the lecture even without the audio. It's fastest if you have access to ethernet (or a high speed phone-line). You can also print out the accompanying text of the lecture if you select it and print it. Or you can select the lecture text, copy it, and paste it into a word file on your own computer.

You can locate computer facilities on campus at the website: