ESPM 160




Study Guide






Study Guide

Study Guide Outlines and Questions should be read and answered prior to attending that week's discussion section.


Environmental History Quotations.

Environmental History Chronology.

Environmental History Timeline.

1. What is Environmental History?

2. Native American Ecology and European Contact.

3. The New England Forest in the Seventeenth Century.

4. Tobacco and Rice in the Colonial South.

5. Farms and Cities in the Early Republic.

6. Nature and the Market in the Nineteenth Century.

7. The Cotton South Before and After the Civil War.

8. Extracting the Far West in the Nineteenth Century.

9. Great Plains Grasslands Exploited.

10. Resource Conservation in the Twentieth Century.

11. Wilderness Preservation in the Twentieth Century.

12. Cities, Industry, and Pollution in the Twentieth Century.

13. The Emergence of Ecology in the Twentieth Century.

14. Water, Energy, and Population in the Twentieth Century.

15. Globalization: The United States in the Wider World