ESPM 160




Study Guide






Examples of Creative Projects:

1. What is Environmental History?

2. Native American Ecology and European Contact

Pueblo and Kiva Model, SteveSoong and Cindy Sakai, 1992.

Native American Cuisine, 1992.

Painting of Indians, Keith Foy, 1997.

Smallpox virus model, Robert Perrera, 2001.

Puppet Show on Hopi Creation Myth, Sierra Helvey, 2001.

Poem on Native Americans, Safiya Arnaout, 2001.

3. The New England Forest in the Seventeenth Century

Conceptions about Wilderness, Judy Suing, 2001.

4. Tobacco and Rice in the Colonial South

Letter from a Tobacco Planter's Wife, Janice Dean, 1997.

Tobacco and Agriculture Cone, Sandra Hamlet and Jessica Parsons, 1998.

Tobacco South Web Page, Valerie Peters and Joshua Volz, 1999.

5. Farms and Cities in the Early Republic

Subsistence Farm Beer-Making, 1992

The Agrarian Ideal, Lawrence Hollins and Abigail Johnson, 1998.

Food and Drink in the Colonies, Andrew Kessler, 1998.

Eighteenth Century Farm, John Nguyen, 2001.

6. Nature and the Market in the Nineteenth Century

Phillis Wheatley's Poetry, Karen Manwaring, 1997.

Longing for an Intimate Relationship with Nature, Ben Rees, 1998.

Henry David Thoreau's Life and Times, Jeremiah Stevens, 1998.

Nature Versus Civilization, Kankun Nancy Yo, 1998.

The Hudson River, Nora Singer, 1998.

7. The Cotton South Before and After the Civil War

Boll Weevil Model, April Deerr, 1997.

Boll Weevil Painting, Kieth Foy, 1997.

Frances Anne Kemble on Nature. Dorinda Vassigh (right), 1998.

Cotton Gin Model, Vasanthi Hofer, 1998.

Cotton Plantation: Big House and Slave Houses, Greta Williams and Adrienne Miller, 1998.

Boll Weevil Painting, Maurisa Schainker, 1998.

Performance of Ledbelly's Boll Weevil Song, Miki Macaluso, 2000.

Model of Eli Whitney's Original Cotton Gin, Denise Friedrich, 2001.

Cotton Gin Song, performed by Steven Andrews, 2006 (video at

8. Extracting the Far West in the Nineteenth Century

Gold Rush Video, Daniel Parnow and Jeff Kim, 1992.

Gold Rush Sluice Box, Carmella Campbell, 1995.

Gold Rush Poster, Doug Wartenberg, 1998.

Gold Rush Skit, Andrew Fleming and Dean Hancock, 1998.

9. Great Plains Grasslands Exploited

John Deere Plow Model, Wen-Tsan Jen, 1992.

Plains Indians, 1992.

Oregon Trail Model, Jennifer Tell, 1997.

The Slaying of Mother Earth, Matthew Bandel, 1997.

"The Rain Ain't Comin' Down" - performed by Chris Chandler, 2006 (video at

10. Resource Conservation in the Twentieth Century

The Reclamation Act of 1902. Anu Devi, 1998.

California Water Projects. Tim Hassler, 2001.

Control of Mother Nature. Ann Bordetsky, 2001.

11. Wilderness Preservation in the Twentieth Century

Wilderness Preservation (Music). Melissa Brandt, 1998

The Wilderness Dilemma. Patrick Cody, 1998.

Yosemite Extractions. Eric Yee, 1998.

Nicole Sasaki and Jordan Hone - Pop Up Book about Conservation, 2006 (video clip - takes time to load)

12. Cities, Industries, and Pollution in the Twentieth Century

Urban Pollution Model, Chitra Chandran and Heather Janes, 1997.

Turn of the Century Chicago. Liz Kao, 1998.

3-D Model of Urban Pollution, Alexandra Marinov, 2000.

13. The Emergence of Ecology in the Twentieth Century

The Emergence of Ecology. Megan Mitchell, 1998.

Elton's "Pyramid of Numbers" Model, Jason Cho, 2000.

"Thinking Like a Mountain," Claire Beyer, 2001.

Black Ecology/White Ecology, Jessica Earle, 2001.

14. Water, Energy, and Population in the Twentieth Century

Impacts of New Deal Dams, Ross Pickering, 2000.

Quotations and Images Game, Jonah Bea-Taylor, 2000.

Hopi and Navajo Conflict, Anna Armentrout, 2001.

15. Globalization: The United States in the Wider World

Gaia Hypothesis, 1997.

Population Impacts on Nature and Society, Daniel Carmona, 2000.

Ellen Swallow Richards, Leigh Neale, 2001.

Earth First!, Blake Yarger, 2001.