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Lesson 5: Alcohol & Tobacco- Page 6
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Lesson 5
Lesson 5





What We Need to Know About Tobacco

There is no doubt that most of us know that smoking damages the lungs, eventually leading to lung cancer and cancers of the mouth and throat. It may also be linked with cancers of the pancreas, cervix and bladder.
It doesn’t matter what form of tobacco you use-whether it’s cigars, cigarettes, pipes or chew. The result is the same.

More than 80% of lung cancer cases are due to tobacco smoking.

Don’t get started on smoking…
Don’t smoke and don’t be around those
who smoke on a frequent basis.

Second hand smoke is also harmful and
may lead to lung cancer for the person
who is exposed to it on a constant basis.

Children with parents who smoke are at
risk of developing asthma from second
hand smoke.

If you are a smoker and can’t stop
smoking, consider others and try to smoke
in open areas where it is designated for

Do not smoke inside your homes where
other family members can be exposed.