Henrik Krehenwinkel

Henrik Krehenwinkel

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Henrik Krehenwinkel

Postdoctoral Scholar

Email | krehenwinkel at uni-trier.de
Web | Researchgate / Google scholar
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Research area | molecular biology / evolutionary biology/ metabarcoding and community ecology

Research Interests

Research focuses on using genomic approaches to look at multiple aspects of biodiversity dynamics. His PhD coupled population genetic and phylogeographic methods, morphological analyses, ecological experiments and whole genome- and transcriptome sequencing to show how range expansion is associated with admixture of formerly isolated genetic lineages; the invasive spider populations have simultaneously adapted to colder temperatures by shifting their thermal preference and tolerance. Postdoctoral work uses genomic tools and makes use of the evolving landscape of the Hawaiian Islands, where volcanoes of different geological ages represent different stages in the generation of new species and ecosystems. Henrik is using Next Generation Sequencing approaches to allow high throughput analyses of entire arthropod communities (through metabarcoding), and associations between arthropods and their prey.


See Google Scholar and Researchgate.