Soil Microbiology at the University of California, Berkeley
2020 Firestone Graduates

2020 Firestone Graduates

Photo of virtual Sather Gate from Blockley University

We are excited to announce the graduation of the following students in the lab:

Rachel Neurath, Ph.D. Environmental Science, Policy & Management.
Dissertation Title: Plant-Microbe-Mineral Interactions Control Carbon Persistence in Soil

Christina Fossum, M.S. Range Management

Jack Hagen, B.S. Molecular Environmental Biology

Madeline Moore, B.S. Molecular Environmental Biology
Senior Thesis Title: Assessing Drivers of Fungal Community Succession in the Root System of Avena barabata

Tasnim Ahmed, B.S. Environmental Science and B.S. Conservation & Resource Studies, conc. Epidemiology
Senior Thesis Title: Friends with Benefits: The Myccorhizal Resource Exchange between Serendipita bescii and Panicum hallii

David Sanchez, B.A. Integrative Biology, conc. Human Biology

Cynthia-Jeanette Mancilla, B.A. Geology

Congratulations everyone!