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Firestone Presents at Gen Sci 2020

Firestone Presents at Gen Sci 2020

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The Genomic Sciences Meeting was held in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Hilton from February 23-26. It attended by the following Firestone representatives who presented on our Department of Energy funded projects:

Speaker Sessions:

Erin Nuccio: Establishment to Senescence: Plant‐Microbe and Microbe‐Microbe Interactions Mediate Switchgrass Sustainability

Poster Sessions:

Anne Kakouridis: Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Transport Water to Host Plants

Ella Sieradzki: Microbial and Viral Niche-Differentiation in Time-Resolved Metatranscriptomes from Rhizosphere and Detritusphere Soil

Javier Ceja-Navarro: Multitrophic and Metabolite Responses to Drought in Grassland Soils

Jialing Kuang: Effects of Switchgrass Cultivation on Deep Soil Carbon Stock and Long-term Carbon Dynamics in Marginal Lands

Joanne Emerson: Cross-Kingdom Interactions: the Foundation for Nutrient Cycling in Grassland Soils

Mary Firestone: Connecting switchgrass-microbe-soil interfaces for sustainable bioenergy crop production on marginal soils: stable-isotope labeling, genomics and exometabolomics

Nameer Baker: Unravelling Rhizosphere-Microbial Interactions in the Rhizosphere of Alamo Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) under Abiotic Stresses

Yuan Wang: Succession of Rhizosphere Biotic Communities During Switchgrass Establishment in Marginal Soils

Zhao Hao: Spectroscopic Diagnosis of Plant Phosphorus Availability and Relationship to Tissue Chemistry and Productivity of a Bioenergy Feedstock