In this issue read about the impact of the "Agroecological City" conference for East Bay & beyond, analysis on pandemic funding to-date for small & BIPOC farmers, action resources for urban farmers, and job opportunities!

Urban farming: the Good, the Bad, and the Bugly

The joys of urban farming and gardening bear fruit but not without unique frustrations.

Forget the farm, some Bay Area residents are growing their food on the roof

Accessibility of COVID-19 Emergency Funding for Small-Scale and BIPOC Farmers

As the pandemic continues, farmers have struggled to maintain connections to a severely disrupted supply chain. Small-scale and BIPOC farmers face additional hurdles in applying for federal assistance programs

Know Your Farmer: Guillermo Vasquez, Indigenous Permaculture Project

This month, Growing Roots teammate Marit Doshi had the opportunity to connect with Guillermo Vasquez, head of the Indigenous Permaculture Project here in the Bay Area. Observing COVID safety guidelines, they visited while walking around one of the Project’s vibrant...

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