PLANTBI-135 Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants

A study of physiological and biochemical processes in plants, including cell physiology, the evolution of photosynthesis, nitrogen and sulfur metabolism, photosynthetic light reactions and carbon assimilation, plant-specific biosynthetic pathways, ion transport, hormone physiology, and signaling, embryogenesis, growth, and senescence, and plant biotic/abiotic stress responses.

PLANTBI-200D Plant Cell Biology

The course will describe the conceptual framework of plant cell biology followed by in-depth discussion of several active areas of research including cell wall biology, membrane transport, cellular trafficking, and cell signaling.

PLANTBI-199 Supervised Independent Study and Research

PLANTBI-199 is part of the Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) program, which helps students find opportunities to participate in studies with world-renowned faculty in the Rausser College of Natural Resources of UC Berkeley. SPUR facilitates application to labs interested in mentoring undergraduate researchers. SPUR enhances student scholarship and provides participants with invaluable skills and research experience by putting faculty labs and interested undergraduates in touch, and when available, offering funds for defraying some research expenses.

UGIS-192 Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies

UGIS-192 is part of the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP), which is designed to involve Berkeley undergraduates more deeply in the research life of the University. The Program provides opportunities for undergraduates to work with faculty and staff researchers on cutting-edge research projects for which Berkeley is world-renowned.