Wildfire Resources

Community Awareness and Response

  1. University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) Wildfire website
  2. Oakland Community Preparedness & Response
  3. Santa Clara Firesafe Council
  4. Santa Clara County Community Wildfire Protection Plan
  5. Firesafe Marin
  6. Firewise USA


  1. CNPS recovery guide download
  2. Home Landscaping for Fire
  3. Creating Wildfire Adapted Homes and Landscapes (Sonoma County Fire Safe Your Home)
  4. California Fire Hazard Severity Zones
  5. USDA Fire Effects Information System (FEIS)

Defensible Space

  1. Defensible Space and Hazardous Fuel Reduction (HFR)
  2. Fire Safe Marin – Defensible Space
  3. General Guidelines for Creating Defensible Space
  4. Sustainable and Fire-Safe Landscapes In The Wildland Urban Interface
  5. Chaparral institute
  6. AB-3074 Fire prevention: wildfire risk: defensible space: ember-resistant zones.

Home Hardening

  1. Building a Wildfire-Resistant Home: Codes and Costs
  3. Wildfire retrofit, California edition
  4. Suburban Wildfire Adaptation Roadmaps
  5. Home Builder’s Guide to Construction in Wildfire Zones (2008; FEMA) – To provide information about wildfire behavior and recommendations for building design and construction methods in the wildland/urban interface.
  6. Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Handbook for Public Facilities (2008; FEMA) – This Handbook is intended for use by State, local, tribal, and private, nonprofit Applicants for assistance, FEMA and State PA Group Supervisors, and FEMA and State PA Program Project Specialists. The Handbook can be used to identify potentially feasible mitigation measures that can be implemented during the repair and rebuilding of damaged facilities after a disaster.
  7. Low-Cost Retrofits to Your Home (2019; CALFire) – Ways you can harden your home and make it more fire resistant.
  8. Rebuilding After a Wildfire Fact Sheet
  9. Hardening Your Home Against Wildfire (FIRESafe MARIN) – Comprehensive focus on design and construction practices for wildfire hardening homes, tied back to the CA Wildland Fire Code (Chapter 7A)
  10. Home Survival in Wildfire-Prone Areas: Building Materials and Design Considerations (2020; Univ of California).
  11. Home Hardening Retrofit Guide for California & Marin (IBHS/FireSafe Marin)
  12. Firewise Construction and Building Materials (2012; Colorado Forest Service)
  13. Building a Wildfire-Resistant Home: Codes and Costs (2019; Headwaters Economics) This study finds negligible cost differences between a typical home and a home constructed using wildfire-resistant materials and design features.
  14. Regional Wildfire Retrofit Guides
  15. Hardening Your Home (2019; CALFire) CAL Fire.


  1. Structural Fire Prevention Field Guide for Mitigation of Wildfires (2000; CALFire) – The purpose of this new guide is to facilitate implementation of state ordinances within the Urban-Wildland Interface in order to make structures safer. 
  2. Community Wildfire Safety Through Regulation: A Best Practices Guide for Planners and Regulators
  3. Wildland Urban Interface Land Use Policy Workshop Report (2013)
  4. Wildfire Policy Guide (2019; IBHS)
  5. California Codes
  6. CALFire (Office of the State Fire Marshal)

Builder & design guides, videos, webinars

  1. Home Builder’s Guide to Construction in Wildfire Zones (FEMA Sep 2018)
  2. Hardening Your Home (CALFire)
  3. Hardening Your Home Against Wildfire (FireSafe Marin)
  4. Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire (YouTube 2015)
  5. Understanding the Wildfire Threat to Homes (Firewise)
  6. Wildfire Home Hardening Workshop (YouTube 2020; FireSafe Marin)
  7. Berkeley Fire Center – Fire Videos (YouTube)
  8. Harden Your Home (Webinar; OakHill FireSafe Council)
  9. Animated Maps: California Wildfires from 1910-2019 (YouTube)
  10. Animated Maps: Ten Most Destructive California Wildfires (YouTube)
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