Wildfire Questionnaire

Welcome to the questionnaires’ portal on wildfire related issues.  We invite you to join our collective efforts and participate in this study by accessing and participating in at least one of the questionnaires. Here, you will have the opportunity to access surveys that were custom designed to receive input and feedback, specifically from homeowners, firefighters, industry leaders, policy makers and regulators. 

The U.C. Berkeley Forest Pathology Laboratory is a leading research center dedicated to identifying better ways of managing California forests in the presence of exotic or emerging pests and of increasing disturbances, including wildfires.

These surveys are intended as an integral part of a comprehensive program developed by the U.C. Berkeley Forest Pathology Lab, in cooperation with many fire experts, integrating knowledge on urban planning, vegetation management and fire hardening of residential and commercial structures to achieve fire safety.  In the process of developing this message, inclusive of knowledge from different but interconnected scientific fields, we realized that it would be important and invaluable to receive substantive input and feedback from the main stakeholders regarding the content and approach of the program.

The surveys are an initial effort to fill this void of stakeholder information to make programs such as this more interactive: hence, your input is invaluable.  These surveys are a collaborative effort and your responses and comments will be incorporated into the betterment of the program.  Your input and feedback will assist us to identify areas of consensus on the efficacy of current fire-related measures as well as where improvement is needed.  The data from the surveys will also help all of us involved in education to identify where communication gaps may need to be filled.  Results will then be periodically published on the U.C. Berkeley Forest pathology Lab website (www.matteolab.org), linked to UC Cooperative Extension Fire in California website (ucanr.edu/sites/fire/) and shared among researchers in the field.

Thank you for your participation and for taking the time to assist us in this important effort for your local community and for the state of California. It is truly appreciated!  In closing, we encourage you to complete the study most fitting to you but also would appreciate it if you would complete more than one survey, if appropriate, based on the categories that may apply to you. 

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