These are the files used to create EDRAM0506. 

These files are either xls or xlsx files for spread sheets. 

The files indexed here are used to create the SAM

An overall description of the process is here


Files Used for SAM

IO Table

CA IO table  Make  Use  Make Expansion Use Expansion CalcIO-makes io from use and make

Aggregate IO table

ES202   Summary Sheet


Aggregate            Unaggregated     Motorfuel


Household Worksheet   aggregated

Taxes  California PIT workbook


Capital consumption matrix  Investment sheet 


EDRAM0506 with supporting files, zipped.  here

Major files:  EDRAM0506  Future Yrs  MSC0506  N00506 SAM0506 REG06 ScenOut06

alpha beta gamma  :  these are for the consumption function