Frequently Asked Questions:

How does my tribe apply to participate?
Go to the Registration page to download an application form. Fill it in and submit it either by email, or by regular mail.

Is there a registration fee?
Yes. There will be a registration fee of $50. This fee is waived for participants who receive scholarships.

Will there be funds available for participating in the fair?
Yes. There will be a limited number of scholarships available for tribal members and students who don’t have funds available from their tribes or universities for attending conferences. To apply for a scholarship, please see the Scholarship page.

What is the distinction between scholarships for tribal members and students?
If you are a tribal member applying for a scholarship we ask that you please set up an exhibit or give a presentation of your community’s research interests. If you are a student, please consider volunteering to help with conference staff needs.

Who is sponsoring the fair?
So far we have funding from the Rumsey Community Fund, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, and the University of California’s Cooperative Extension Service.

How does the fair work?
The fair will consist of two parts: an exhibit hall and break out sessions on key themes in sustainability of interest to tribal communities. Tribal communities will set up displays in the exhibit hall about their communities, the issues they are facing and their research needs. The academics, agencies and non-profit organizations may also set up displays about their programs and activities. Time will be scheduled into the agenda for people to visit the displays, talk with and ask questions of one another, and initiate partnerships for research.

The break out sessions will be opportunities for tribal communities to discuss specific themes of interest to them and what they feel their research needs are with respect to the themes. Trained facilitators will facilitate discussions following the presentations on the themes. These discussions are intended to stimulate ideas for research projects and to connect people who are interested in collaborating in research.

Who is able to make presentations and set up displays in the exhibit hall?
To help us achieve our goal of tribes initiating research projects, we are asking that only tribal members make formal presentations. In addition, tribal representatives are invited to set up displays or booths in the exhibit hall. Universities, students, land management agencies and non-profit organizations are also invited to set up displays in the exhibit hall. To apply for making a presentation or setting up a display, please see the Presentation/Display Application page.

What themes/topics will be covered at the fair?
This is up to the tribes. They should talk about whatever issues they are most interested in researching. Possible topics include: