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Michael Peterson

I am currently a California Council of Science and Technology Science Policy Fellow in the California State Senate. My research and policy interests focus on conservation biology and toxicology in rivers and wildlife. My study species have ranged from stoneflies to northern elephant seals. I have received an Bachelors degree from Whitman College (2005), a Masters degree from Western Washington University (2008), and a PhD in the Vincent Resh Lab at UC Berkeley (2015). I have taught a diversity of topics in the field of biology, including human anatomy and mammal physiology as a Graduate Student Instructor at UC Berkeley, limnology and stream ecology as a Graduate Student Teaching Assistant at Western Washington University, as well as teaching marine biology to kindergarten through college students at the Ocean Institute, a non-profit educational organization. I also received a GK-12 fellowship in 2006 and spent a year in an 8th grade classroom as a visiting scientist. In addition, I have been involved in research of gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Outside of the research world, I enjoy coaching sports, cross-country skiing, and playing basketball.


Contact Information

Michael Peterson
Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
University of California, Berkeley
137 Mulford Hall #3114 (Resh Lab)
Berkeley, CA 94720

Phone: 510.642.5913
Fax: 510.642.7428