Evolution, Ecology and Global Change Biology

The Rosenblum lab studies the processes that generate and impact biological diversity. We are particularly interested in both BioDiversity and BioSimilarity across the tree of life. We study speciation, extinction, and the mechanisms of rapid adaptation to changing environments. We work across levels of biological organization (from genes to phenotypes to behaviors to community assemblages) and use a variety of methodologies (from genomics to field ecology). Topically, many of our projects focus on reptile and amphibians in the western US. Currently funded efforts in the lab focus on disease-related declines in amphibians and ecological speciation in lizards. However, we have a diversity of other projects and collaborations in evolutionary ecology, ecological genomics, and global change biology.


The time for separating our science from our humanity has passed. We strive to create an environment where we can thrive not only as scientists, but as individuals on a lifelong journey and as a collective learning community. We tend to the process as much as the outcome, the context as much as the content. We care not only about evolution as an intellectual field of study but also as a living process that continuously transforms life on our planet. We actively work to apply our research for the benefit of all living creatures. We also engage directly in efforts to transform our science practice, our institutions, and ourselves to better embody an ethos of transformative inclusion.