Evolution, Ecology and Global Change Biology

The Rosenblum lab studies the processes that generate and impact biological diversity.  We are particularly interested in both sides of the evolutionary speciation/extinction “coin” and in determining the mechanisms of rapid adaptation of animals to changing environments.  We work across levels of biological organization (from genes to phenotypes to behaviors to community assemblages) and use a variety of methodologies (from genomics to field ecology).  Topically, many of our projects focus on reptile and amphibians in the western US.  Currently funded efforts in the lab focus on disease-related declines in amphibians and ecological speciation in lizards. However, we have a diversity of other projects and collaborations in evolutionary ecology, ecological genomics, and global change biology.



2019 Graduate Student Evolution Bingo Board!

Print this doubled sided bingo card and bring it with you to the Evolution Meetings in Providence: EvoBingo2019

Complete as many challenges as you can during the meeting

Keep clear notes about when and how you complete each challenge on the reverse side

After the meeting, scan and email your entry to Bree at rosenblum@berkeley.edu by June 27th, 2019.

Winners will be determined based on number of rows, columns, and major diagonals completed. Evolution bingo is on an honor system, but we will spot verify ;).

Prizes include: eternal fame and a personalized winner care package.

Have fun, make new connections and enjoy the meeting!