Lab Photos

Thanks to lab members for contributing photos (and Simone for lizard art!).

Ro-labbies 2017

Ro-lab grad students at GradFest 2017

GradFest 2017 - true colors begin to come out

Herping on lab retreat

The team in Panama looking for lost frogs 2014

After a hard days work...

Christine nooses her first White Sands lizard!

Opening of White Sands Visitor Center evolution exhibit we helped develop

RoHa - Rosenblum and Harmon labs 2009

White Sands research team 2008

Frog fieldwork in the Sierras

Luke and Jeanne catching some air at White Sands

White Sands noosing team 2008

Big sky field work at White Sands

Bree weighing lizards at White Sands way back when

Danelle catching frogs

Simone and Kayla conducing mate choice experiments

Jeanne, Simone, and Kayla in the field - happy happy happy

Swabbing for chytrid

Jack in the field - wait, I'm supposed to be studying lizards...

Tom grinding tissues for microarrays - back in the day

Nicole breaking in our new lab - 2008

RoHa uniform Halloween

Jeanne at White Sands - I said come out here you pesky scelop!

Simone and her phryno

Simone and scelop face off

We love kids and outreach - Simone at our annual Save the Frogs Day

Tom at our Save the Frogs Day

Bree with Pre-schoolers at Save the Frogs Day

Joseph's origami frogs

Pin the kiss on the frog!