Shayla Husted

PhD Aspirant

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I received my B.A. in Environmental Studies and Biological Sciences from Marquette University in 2021. During my undergraduate career, I participated in several research projects. I had the opportunity to assist a Ph.D. student assessing the conversion of dissolved organic nitrogen and soluble non-reactive phosphorus to more easily removable dissolved inorganic nitrogen and soluble reactive phosphorus in wastewater. Additionally, I participated in Texas A&M University’s NSF Costa Rica REU where I measured the fate and transport of dissolved inorganic and organic carbon within the major soil horizons of a first-order mountain stream in Alajuela Province, Costa Rica. Furthermore, my senior year I conducted a project assessing the effects nutrient addition and soil moistures have on temperate soil respiration. I am very excited to continue and develop my research with the Silver Lab. I am interested in examining how the relationship between microbial communities and nutrient cycling affect and respond to climate change.