Welcome to the Silver Lab!

Our lab studies the response of soil biogeochemistry to a changing climate, specifically focusing on soil carbon and nutrient cycling, and its interaction with climate across different soil types and land-use activities.To this purpose, we conduct our fieldwork in Mediterranean rangelands and grasslands in California, as well as in wet subtropical forests in Puerto Rico, which are both highly vulnerable hotspots of climate change. Using a combination of laboratory, field, and modeling studies, students and post-docs in our lab aim to improve our mechanistic understanding of these responses by addressing key unknowns such as the controls on greenhouse gas fluxes in forests and wetlands and the long-term effects of rangeland management practices on soil carbon. If you’d like more information, feel free to skim through the research tab, which contains detailed descriptions about past and ongoing research projects, as well as the contact information for those involved. Thanks for stopping by!